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Hedge Trimming Services in Ottawa

Every hedge is unique and Hedge Maintenance is a skill that requires experience and passion to master. The key is to achieve a clean and symmetrical shape that is free of visible imperfections – this stimulates proper growth and produces a vibrant-looking hedge. We know the best time to trim hedges and take the time to learn about your individual plants and landscaping.

Beautiful hedges increase your curb appeal. The Hedge Barber’s hedge trimming services are local and friendly. Not everyone has the time or knowledge about proper hedge trimming – if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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The Hedge Barber is Locally owned and operated in the Ottawa region
Hedge Maintenance is important

The Hedge Barber offers the following services:

Hedge Trimming

The Hedge Barber’s specialty is Hedge Trimming. We provide our clients with great quality Hedge Trimming Services at affordable prices. Whether you are looking for basic hedge trimming or want your hedges shaped exactly, contact us for an appointment or for a free  custom quote.

Hedge Repair

Have the snow or ice accumulation over the winter affected the look and integrity of your hedges? This will weight down the hedge, and over time the stress can cause your branches to break. We will remove the broken branches and plant new cedar to fill in any gaps. The Hedge Barber can help repair them

Hedge Removal

If your hedge has lost greenery or is looking dry or sparse, it may be time to remove the hedge completely. If you want to revitalize the area with new, green hedges, we can help you plant new ones. If you want to remove your hedges, contact The Hedge Barber. We bring the tools and remove hedges you no longer want on your yard.

Hedge Planting

Would you like to plant some hedges on your yard? If your hedges are old and you want to plant new ones, we can get you started on the path to a lush, green hedge. We can help you with anything from a small hedge to a new, long hedge that goes around your entire property. Contact The Hedge Barber to learn more.

Hedge Maintenance

If your hedges are starting to overgrow and it’s time for Hedge Maintenance, The Hedge Barber can help. Our staff is professional and friendly and can help get your hedges back to beautiful in no time. Our attention to detail will leave your yard looking new and regular hedge maintenance ensures your hedges stay healthy.

Hedge Renovation

Need to get your hedge back under control? Overgrown hedges can take up a lot of space on your yard and look unsightly. We look at your hedges to ensure we can prune them before we give you a quote. Sometimes, hedges have become too old and weak to prune, but we can help you get the lines and coverage you desire.

Shrub and Bush Trimming

We don’t just do hedges. The Hedge Barber trims shrubs and bushes. We can also remove them for you if you no longer want them in your yard. Shrubs and bushes are all unique and require a custom quote for the shrub and bush trimming service. Overgrown bushes can be an eyesore – get your shrubs and bushes trimmed today.

Spring Clean-Up

We know Spring clean-up can be a lot of work – let us take the hard work out of your hands. A lot of leaves and debris can accumulate on your flower beds, lawn, and under your shrubs, bushes, and hedges. Let The Hedge Barber get your yard in shape for Summer while we trim your hedges, bushes, or shrubs. (This is a combined service only.)

We also do:

Cedar Recycling

The Hedge Barber leaves your yard clean and beautiful. We have partnered with a local cedar recycling company to ensure our environmental impact is limited. The refuse goes to a local recycling company called Re-Source Intégration, who recycle the cedar trimmings into essential oils that are used in numerous products.

No waste is left behind!