The Hedge Barber

The Hedge Barber

The Hedge Barber is owned and operated by Ottawa resident Mark McCoy. In August 2015, he decided to start his own Hedge Trimming and Maintenance company in Ottawa and The Hedge Barber was born. When he started The Hedge Barber, Mark had mastered the craft of Hedge Trimming, and knew the service very well, so it felt like a natural fit for him.

Hedge Maintenance is important

Mark has a passion for Hedge Trimming and cares about running his business fairly. He’s got a focus on customer relationships and problem solving. Mark is committed to improving The Hedge Barber and setting the bar when it comes to Hedge Trimming and Maintenance Services.

When he’s not Trimming Hedges, Mark can be found playing Magic Cards or hanging out with friends.

The Hedge Barber is Locally owned and operated in the Ottawa region